The solo exhibition scheduled to be held in 2020 has been postponed or canceled due to Corona virus. At present, the number of newly infected people nationwide is decreasing, but considering that many seriously ill patients are still being treated, it seems that it will take time to hold a solo exhibition of "safety and security".

Hmmm, this doesn't keep me motivated to hold it. Then, I decided to use the website as a place to present my work.

Unlike the actual gallery, it can be seen by people all over the world regardless of the usage fee, holding period, number of exhibited works, weather and access.
Yes, let's also use mock-up.Try to enlarge the work, make it a unique frame, and expand the imagination of the exhibition.

When the Corona virus has subsided (around the spring of 2022), I will apply for facility use again. Until then, I hope you will enjoy the "imagination museum" in a virtual space.

oracle bone script:1【奮・楽・喜・義】(inspire・pleasant・pleasure・propriety)
An oracle bone script excavated from the ruins of the Shang dynasty in China. It is the original form of Chinese characters and conveys the oldest ancestral form of Chinese characters that can be confirmed at present.
From the left
【inspire】The shape of the bamboo basket that caught a small bird with a short tail, means that the birds in the cage and clothes will fly with life. From there, this character, which means "inspiring/flying," came to mind.
【pleasant】From the shape of musical instruments with acorns, kanji meaning music was established. Derived now to express the meaning of "pleasant" as well.
【pleasure】From the percussion instruments hanging on the wall and the shape of the mouth (the meaning of words of prayer), the kanji "joy" that means to hit the instrument and festival and entertainment was established.
【propriety】The combination of the neck of a sheep and the saw teeth of a jagged blade. It means to kill the sheep with a knife as a sacrifice. From there, letters that meant the solemn "propriety / behavior" came to mind.
*Image by Marisa Sias from Pixabay
oracle bone script:【風】( Wind)
【風】(fu・ Wind)The origin of oracle bone script is> The bird that flies in the sky is captured. The wind was thought to be a dragon-like god, and the wind was thought to be caused by that god in heaven.
*Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay​​​​​​​
oracle bone script:【雷】(Thunder)
The thunder is expressed from the shape that expresses the "rumbling sound" and the shape of the light that runs sharply.
The one set in the frame is Mahasthamaprapta. The power of this bodhisattva is tremendous, and it is said that if he steps on the ground, he will shake the palace of the Demon King, which is said to be deep underground, and if he sits down, the ground will vibrate temporarily.
*Image by janewalshe from Pixabay
enso:【円相】(Big circle)
Enso is a type of calligraphic technique in Zen calligraphy, which is a circle painted with a single stroke.It symbolizes the Absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the Universe, and the void; it can also symbolize the Japanese aesthetic itself. 
*Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
enso:【円相】(Eight planets)
Eight planets of the solar system. (Mercury Venus Earth …)
*Image by Daniel Nebreda​​​​​​​ from Pixabay
​​​​​​​Buddhist painting:【仏画】(Guardian Buddha & Fudo Myoo)
The guardian Buddha is a specific Buddha that is believed to protect individuals and homes from disasters. Eight Buddhas are the guardian Buddhas of each of the twelve zodiac signs.
Fudo Myoo, who protects both sides, suppresses and sinks all evil and anxieties, and saves the living.