I’m the most happiest person than Rajinikanth
Disclaimer: I respect Rajni sir as a great human being, I’m not comparing me with him by any means except the ‘Happiness’ part.
Rajini is known for his charismatic personality and he also mentions that ‘When ambition ends then only peace begins’.
Well, coming back to the title, why I’m so happy?
Rolling out a positive attitude in your life does not need to be about making a huge jump.
I accept that conviction is something that keep individuals away from enhancing their life and world.
I’m so happy that fellow designers are getting inspired to re-create the art work which is done by an ordinary designer who doesn’t hold a design degree.
I really didn’t know the reason why people want to Imitate/Rip-off my artwork but it makes so happy that my works are being imitated.
And I pay gratitude to those who have used my work and I’m grateful.
Happiness is the most ideal approach to put frightful encounters behind us. Anticipate that all that you do will be charming, intriguing and rewarding.
Considering awful things makes feel tragic, furious or anxious. Moving our regard for good things makes us feel happy, energized and excited.
That is the reason it’s so imperative to move from issues to conceivable positive arrangements rapidly. Concentrating on what’s wrong keeps us stuck in hopelessness.
You just need a push to jump from hopelessness to happiness.
Tormenting dreams and memories provide for us compelling jars of Negative Energy, they are our own individual horror shows. Defuse those bad considerations by wrapping them in love to charming moments.
Happiness is right there at your finger tips and its FREE, it’s waiting for you to reach out and enjoy it.
This post is not made to educate what happiness is all about, its purely composed by keeping in mind; how not to ruin someones happiness.
Don’t hurt others or pull down someone to achieve happiness, life is too short and lets make our life more meaningful by respecting/acknowledging each other.
Many Thanks!



Design tribute to the God of Style Rajinikanth. Tools Used: 80% Ai + 20% Ps = Magic Time Taken: Conceptualisation + Designing = 5 Hours Decem Read More