Lounge Stool
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Individual Design Concept Commended as Finalist from Home-Fix D.I.Y National University of Singapore & Home-Fix D.I.Y Collaboration
Lounge Stool - the Many Facets of a Simple Stool

Lounge stool is developed from an inspired idea of connective furniture and challenges the notion of furniture as individual pieces. Taking a serving tray for guests to be introduced as a backrest of a visitor stool, it naturally forms a symphony of various furniture usages borne out of combining furniture.
Connective Furniture - Transformation of the Lounge Stool

Lounge stool stores the serving tray for guests, naturally as the backrest of a visitor stool.
Various Combinations of Usage 

 Tray, stool, lounge chair, side table.
Prototyping Process

Mockups were done to allow easy testing and communication. Proportions of the lounge stool is also determined through 1:1 scale models. The final prototype is made of plywood with a steam bending process.