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Foodsi branding

Grab the deal before it’s too late!
Foodsi is an application made by young people who took the problem of surplus food into their own hands. Foodsi allows you to buy food at very attractive prices. Foodsi allows you to sell unsold food to shops and restaurants. The communication strategy and visual identity of the brand is based on the messagecatch the opportunity, grab delicious and varied food that otherwise goes to waste, catch and save! Foodsi is a call to action.


Logo of Foodsi is a strong and clear icon which shows action, activity, and, on the other hand, it is associated with food. The minimalistic sign expresses the simple principles of Foodsi's operation.


“Grab the deal before it’s too late”— it is a call to action. Foodsi is a benefit both for the vendor and the buyer, but it is also a rescue action for the Earth.



Foodsi provides tasty, valuable food. It is an important element of the visual identity. Rich colors, dynamic elements, lots of light, easy illustrative language – they are a visual invitation and encouragement.


Design: Diana Makulska / Podpunkt
Animations: Zuza Charkiewicz / Podpunkt
Visually strong and well made products by

Foodsi branding

Foodsi branding