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People buy real estate for numerous reasons, however at some point, all transactions go through a digital ecosystem.

For this project, a real estate investment consultancy were looking to position themselves within the luxury property and housing sector in Panama – a country whose reputation for attracting large wealth needs no introduction.


​​In this way, our client set us the challenge of designing his brand from scratch, with the objective of grouping together the services offered by the company and represent its values.

The proposal had to champion the unique culture and characteristics of the country, presenting the professional services offered. 

However, with potential buyers from across the world, we also needed to appeal and relate to an international audience.


With the brief set, we created a premium brand, representing Panama’s image as an international business centre, and place of luxury residence.

We created ‘Acquire Panama’. A name that conveys the prestige of the sector, works well internationally, and is easy to remember. It goes beyond just the purchase of a property, giving a sense of purchasing your very own piece of Panama, becoming part of the community.

The design takes inspiration from two areas, conveying a sense of professionalism, quality and premium service, whilst also exploring Panama’s patriotic symbols, namely the ‘harpy eagle’ (the national bird). The colour palette utilises colours from the national flag as a base (gold, dark blue, red and white).

All the different aspects of the brand help to create an emotional response, enticing a potential buyer or investor to choose the Central American country.

Acquire Panamá - Branding

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Acquire Panamá - Branding

Acquire Panama, a design and branding work by Good Rebels to position a premium brand in the luxury real estate and housing sector in Panama.