Mach Dich Bunt is a producer of organic holi colors or Mikrokonfetti from Germany. Mach Dich Bunt means Color Yourself in German. I wanted the brand to be as reduced as possible to let the product shine brightest, but still keep a hand-made touch. Read on to see the process of the logo creation after displays of stationary, sticker and poster designs.
This is holi powder or Mikrokonfetti as the company calls it. You can color your body with it or throw it in the air.
The typographic logo worked great because it expresses the character of the brand in a literal manner. It is slogan, company philosophy and a logo at once. That's why I kept the graphic elements to a minimum.
Additionally to the paper presentation cards, I came up with a special give-away for business customers. A little bag containing the color powder, so you can experience it "hands-on".
Only 100% recycled paper (FSC and Blauer Engel) and one color were used for printing to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible. It also gave the products a nice natural feel.
The stickers were distributed among friends and fans. They can be found in many cities around Germany.
The webpage can be reached at
You can purchase the artworks as prints, iPhone cases and more with your personalized label from my Society6 profile.
For the logo, first the circle was created using different media ranging from ink to the Mikrokonfetti itself.
I decided for ink at the end of the day.
I experimented with different circles, typefaces and proportions.
In the next step I worked on giving the typeface a manual touch.
The final typefaces has some features from the graphite and crayon traces.