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Commission of Civil Society
O f f i c e  o f  t h e   C i v i l  S o c i e t y  :
Under the Cabinet decision No. ( 649 ) for the year 2013 , amended the designation " center support civil society organizations " established under resolution No. (12 ) for the year 2012. To " the Office of Civil Society" and have legal personality and financial disclosure and independent track and the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society .
V i s i o n :
"The Commission ," a key partner in the promotion and development of civil society Libby active , strong and independent and based on solid foundations of democracy and sustainable development .
M e s s a g e:
Works " Commission " on the promotion and development of civil society in Libya , enrich its capabilities , and the development of competencies , and the consolidation of its concepts , creating a legislative environment enhanced development of children , and to cooperate with the categories targeted participation and beneficiary , to enable it to fulfill its role as an essential partner and effective for the state and the private sector and international organizations in the comprehensive and sustainable development and the consolidation of the rights of citizenship , democracy and the rule of law , and the dissemination of the principles and values ​​of transparency , accountability, participation , equality and non-discrimination and respect for human dignity and cultural diversity and quality .
R e f e r e n c e   v a l u e s  ​​a n d  p r i n c i p l e s :
The success of the " Commission " depends on the extent of responsiveness to the needs of civil society organizations and their ability to broaden the base of participation of these organizations in the sustainable development and the building and strengthening of citizenship and democracy , and to give a model in the field of transparency and good governance , accountability, community , legal , and to ensure this success , the " Commission " based on in its activities and programs and relationships to a set of values ​​and principles , is also working at the same time on the consolidation and strengthening of civil society organizations .. These values ​​and principles are:
- Respect for human dignity .
- Equality of rights and freedoms .
- Non-discrimination.
- The right to full and effective participation .
- The right to development.
- Respect for difference and acceptance in the context of human diversity and human nature .
- Equal opportunities.
- Availability and accessibility including information .
- Freedom of opinion and expression.
- Good governance.
- Neutrality and independence.
- Integrity and transparency.
- Efficiency and effectiveness .
- Commitment and accountability .
- Proficiency and professionalism .

T e r m s   o f   r e f e r e n c e :

Select Council of Ministers Resolution No. ( 649 ) for the year 2013, the terms of reference " Commission " as follows :
- The declaration of civil society organizations .......
- Support for civil society organizations ( technically ....
- Organizing the work of international civil society organizations ......
- Planning and organizing programs ... and take care of workshops and training programs ....
- The terms of reference assigned to it .....
- Board of Directors .
- Advisory board .
- Executive management .
- Branches and offices .

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Commission of Civil Society