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    Website for mexican singer Edith Márquez and her record, "Pasiones de Cabaret".
This site was donebetween september and november last year (2008). It was practicallydone as pro-bono for a friend of mine, who runs the fan club for thissinger (Edith Márquez). I like the outcome, even tough the limitedresources that were available for this project. The overall look is oldfashioned from the classic cabaret era. I like the fact that only thestrictly necessary elements were used, and the overall look is veryminimalist, dark with some contrast of light. All photos of her are part of the record label photoshoot, and provided by them.

The page is http://www.edith-marquez.com
Welcome screen with its proper warnings (I did not debug the site for IE6, I hate it, people should stop usign it... I won't get started with it XD)
Album gallery view, each album contains the tracks and lyrics.
Detail for the selected page (the big flood light) and the rollover for links (spotlight-like).