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Summer Night On Sigma 957
"Summer Night on Sigma 957"

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Desktop Full-Resolution: Click Here (8K, 15 MB)

Desktop Versions:  2160p (5 MB), 1440p (3MB), 1080p (2MB)

​​​​​​​Vertical Phone Versions: Phone 1, Phone 2, Phone 3, Phone 4

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About This Project:

A night themed composite of an imagined space landscape. The title is named after a fictional place from the TV show "Babylon 5". This isn't related to that, I just think it's a cool name. I recommend the show though, and the show is being rebooted so check it out.

The clouds are my own photograph, and I procedurally generated the stars and planet's surface with software. The land and cabin are public domain images from the Library of Congress - Carol M. Highsmith Collection. The rings are NASA images of Saturn.

Source links below.

• Desktop Version: 7,680 x 4,320
• Phone Versions: 2,430 x 4,320
• Phone versions 2,3,4 are custom re-arrangements, not just crops

Summer Night On Sigma 957