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    A Design Manifesto.
MAKE SHIT is simultaneoulsy a 4-pack of bum wipes for designs and a design manifesto. 
I don’t think I make nearly enough shit. It’s pretty much impossible to design anything great without making shit first. I’m not just talking about making a lot of stuff, or brainstorming, or getting a lot down on a page. I literally mean making stuff that looks like shit. Making that thing that your brain tells you to filter out because it isn’t going to work in the first place. Not being afraid of making something that you will just throw out, or flush down the toilet! Design starts with an idea but can’t go anywhere without making. The design process is about getting the bad out and making room for the good, the great, the inspirational, the “aha!” So consider this my personal promise to make more shit. It’s just part of the process.