WISE FARMER — rebranding
Organic rebranding of «Wise Farmer»

«A fool grows weeds, a rich man grows crops, 
and a wise man grows the earth»

The owner of the company «Wise Farmer» turned to us to help him make the brand holistic
     Here's how:

→ to change the model of promotion with one decision;
→ to create the first organic brand on the market without green color in identity;
to teach people wisely to work the land so that it is pleasant to all.

A strategic session that turned the game around

The most important thing we did for the «Wise Farmer» was to find out with him who his target audience really is.

We have stopped "targeting" those who already buy goods for organic farming. People buy anyway! Let's leave them alone! Moreover, this audience will not give the company real development.

Instead, we chose a segment of people engaged in other types of agriculture. They just need to be trained, it automatically implies immersion in organic farming and… do not interfere with buying our brand!

This will help increase the market. That is why we chose this direction – it is definitely about usefulness and development. What's next?​​​​​​​

How hard it is to be a gray mass when everyone around is different

And as we understand, in the field of "conditionally organic farming" everyone on the market is not different for the better.


These are the same companies, literally the same:

→ all have many products in all possible categories;
→ plenty of questionable "expert content" on the site;
→ and of course a remarkable logo on a green background.

     And a name that is impossible to remember.

Do you want to be heard? Speak in whispers…

There is a folk wisdom: «A fool grows weeds, a rich man grows crops, and a wise man grows the earth».

From the very beginning, we refused to use green in the brand identity. And we chose a strategy: "A guide to a healthy way of farming". Delicious harvests without chemicals, back pain and unnecessary hassle – it's all about the «Wise Farmer».

«Wise Farmer» is a brand with a prototype of a real person. He not only knows how to do it right, but he can also teach it. The path of "organic farming" that can be followed with a wise mentor.

Consistent learning at each stage of interaction with the client, and with it the idea of a healthy way of farming – so we built a design system. Look what a craft!​​​​​​​

«Inconvenient» communication platform

We designed the communications on a simple but very provocative insight: "Followers of classical agriculture are constantly lying". They lie that they are comfortable using a shovel, that their back does not hurt, that they know best…

But at the same time everyone realizes – it could be different! No back pain, no chemistry, no outdated rules and "grandma's advice"...​​​​​​​

The idea of a communication platform: a grandmother with a characteristic nose like in Pinocchio should answer the Wise Question. And together with her, potential customers of the brand will look for answers to it. The main elements of communication design – first of all the snippet window – are designed in such a way that all people understand exactly: «Wise Farmer» knows how to do things right.

Thanks for watching and be Punks! 

Strategy Development — Bogdan Popovich, Artem Deringer, Anya Borisenko
Project Management — Artem Shlyapin
Creative Direction — Anya Borisenko
Art Direction — Dmitriy Dug
Graphic Design — Nastya Sribnyak
Illustrations, Design — Elizabeth Slyusar
Editor, Copyright— Grisha Misilyuk

WISE FARMER — rebranding
Multiple Owners
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