ETTA Vignettes

Etta is Deem's global travel management platform that makes it easier to travel anywhere. A mobile, cloud-based travel solution that allows employees to quickly shop for, book, and manage their travel.

Collaborating with Mucho, who had rebranded Deem, our task was to create an opening title sequence and five animated vignettes for an Etta product showcase video. 

We worked on the storyboards, style-frames and animation to bring to life various problems involved in the travel planning process. These educational and emotive vignettes were based on the brand language Mucho established and the ‘pictogram’ style they developed.
Client — Deem
Brand Agency — Mucho
Brand Design — Mucho
Storyboards — Never Sit Still
Animation — Never Sit Still

Studio Director - Mike Tosetto
Producer - Darcy Green
Storyboards - Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Melany Webster
Illustration - Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Mulanne Phan
Animation - Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Mulanne Phan

Problem 1: Adoption and Compliance
Problem 2: Platform Lock-In and Content Preferencing
Problem 3: Safety and Productivity
Problem 4: Growth
Problem 5: Cumbersome and Repetitive Processes
Selected frames from the storyboards.

ETTA Vignettes
Multiple Owners
Mike Tosetto