It's Ok to Be Alone
2012, Konkuk University graduate work (not the commercial work)
This is a story about culture in which being alone is considered strange.
Intention of director
I want to deal with Korean groupism and the culture of being too conscious of the way others make us feel as individuals. Koreans like to do things in groups, and there are circumstances and atmospheres created for such group situation. Since people typically follow the majority, yielding their own opinion, they tend to pay too much attention to others. This causes people who do not belong to any group to feel daunted and sometimes experience inconvenience because everything is designed for a group setting. People who like to be alone are called “outsiders”, and I want to talk about their story.
- Producer: YU Hye-ji
- Scenario: YU Hye-ji
- Storyboard: YU Hye-ji 
- Artwork: YU Hye-ji
- Animation: YU Hye-ji
- Sound: JEONG Cha-eung, YU Hye-ji 
- Music: KIM Ji-hyun 
- Editing: YU Hye-ji
- Voice: YUN Min-hye, YU Hye-ji, GO Eun-jung, YUN Hae-jin
- Recording: YUN Hae-jin, PACK Na-young, KIM hyun-kyung, KIM eunyoung
- Translation: Ko yeonok
- Zagreb Animation Festival(2014) : Student Panorama
- Animasivo(2014): Student Competition
- Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival(2013): Student Competition, Light of Asia
- Indie Anifest(2013): Student Panorama
- Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival (2013)
- Gwangju Human Rights Film Festival(2013)
I combined the cut-out techniques and motion graphics.
Artwork  is expressed collage technique.