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    During one month, we rethink the communication of Folio and it mainbrand Gallimard.
School project || 2013
Folio is one of the biggest french pocketbooks editor. During this project we had one month to rethink the communication of the main brand Gallimard and it subbrand Folio.
(Find the Gallimard project here).

Reading is a sport. How many people had pins and needles because they read too long ?
We based our concept on that particulary fact, when you are reading a great novel, no mather
which position you have to take to continue. More deeply, no mather which position you have to
take because when you read a book, it is an private and intimate moment where you are not in a representation of yourself, indulging yourself in reading a book is a break in your life.
The new statement of the brand, "Posez-vous" means in French two things, it can be understead litteraly as "Set yourself" but also in a figurative meaning "Make a break".
"The lazy" behind the scenes
"The cool one" behind the scenes