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Essence of Transcendence

3D Art
E  S  S  E  N  C  E    O  F    T  R  A  N  S  C  E  N  D  E  N  C  E
The last chapter, The last story with images of the Celestial creation​

This is the last series of the great trilogy “The Path of All” which includes the series “Essence of transcendence”, “Illusion of Entropy” and “Dust of Time”.
This last series is about the exploration and approach to the colossal world of the unknown that permeates the entire universe, it is a hymn to the link between the two greatest universal concepts, that is Time and Space, and to the relative and mysterious concept of soul.

H E A R T    O F    L I G H T   -   T H E    S O U L
This illustration is dedicated to that mysterious entity that the human mind has been trying to study for thousands of years: the Soul. I wanted to create a more abstract connection with time and space, opening a relative door that leaves room for imagination and thinking about the world of the total unknown, reflecting on how little we know about the great cosmic forces that guide the reality we perceive.​​​​​​​

B R E A T H    O F    A W A R E N E S S    -   T H E    S P A C E
This illustration represents my vision of space, something that is at the same time static but bended, understandable but mysterious. Space is part of us, it composes us, surrounds us and permeates our lives in a visible way until the end. Thanks to matter, we do everything that we do, including thinking about entities that we can’t understand but we see, such as time and the close connection it has with space itself. With this creation I represented space as something stable, still and colossal but also fluid and dynamic.

V O I C E    O F    L I F E    -    T H E    T I M E
This illustration in particular concerns the visualization of the most abstract and “invisible” concept, which is why it was a great personal challenge to achieve this goal. I have tried to enclose fundamental aspects of time in this single, timeless image, keeping trying to find an answer to the question: what is time?
D     E     T     A     I     L     S
P     A     S     S     E     S
S     K     E     T     C     H     E     S
Essence of Transcendence


Essence of Transcendence