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Millie Meringue: Drag Queen T-Shirt Design
Millie  meringue
Designing Drag queen merchandise

What a treat and a dream! I was commissioned
by a long-time friend to create a T-Shirt design for
their Drag Queen persona, Millie Meringue:

For my first sketch, I tried to
capture her general likeness within a
playfully cartoonish style:

After receiving feedback, I softened
her facial features, added skin tones, and
worked on the base of her outfit:

Glistening body suit sparkles were
added along with a luxurious hair effect, and
with that, the project was completed:

...But alas, it wasn't quite stylistically right!
A stronger likeness and more realism were desired,
so I tried again, this time using a tracing method for accuracy. Colors were balanced to pop the design,
yet it still needed a little something extra...

...A backdrop and some
signature sparkle! The project
was finally complete!

My first T-shirt design was a printed
success thanks to Threadless! Fans could
support Millie in all kinds of colors:

Millie liked her namesake typography so much,
she asked for the isolated design to turn into stickers,
phone cases, tote bags, and other accessories:

I had fun making an art project out of
modeling my design and turned myself into a
multicolored, tank top wearing yeti:

As for that forgotten first draft,
I upcycled her into a spectacular piece
for Pride Month! Shantay, you stay:

All Illustrations were created in Procreate on iPad Pro
Collages were edited in BeFunky and Layout for iPhone
Shirt and Accessory photos are from milliemeringue.threadless.com
Millie Meringue photos courtesy of Herself
View her work at instagram.com/milliemeringue

Millie Meringue: Drag Queen T-Shirt Design

Millie Meringue: Drag Queen T-Shirt Design

It's my first time designing a t-shirt! The mission: create a fierce illustration to adorn merch promoting Drag Queen Millie Meringue.