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Branding + Packaging for Number46

Sustainable Second Hand Fashion Boxes

You're bored of your wardrobe and don't know what to wear? You don't want to buy
into fast fashion but you want to look fashionable? You want some advice on how
No.46 is the brand you need. Josette personally selects second-hand and vintage
pieces that she curates into a personalised fashion box. Your preferences are met
and fashion is delivered and it doesn't cost the earth - no really it's all sustainable. 
We wanted No.46 to feel like a fashion brand. We used vibrant colours and a retro
modern font to bring a fresh energy and personality into what could feel like a tired
brand. Fashion isn't meant to be worn once, it's meant to have its own story, to be
ever evolving - 'Fashion doesn't have a number'.

Branding + Packaging for Number46


Branding + Packaging for Number46