This is my latest commissioned project for t-shirt prints. It took me approximately 24 hours to create this from conceptualization to execution, excluding printing because I’m not the printer. I will show you the step by step process.
I sketch the art with blue pencil and scan it with color mode at 300 dpi.
I bring out my cheap and terrible Wacom Bamboo tablet and start inking with paint tool Sai. Creating a new layer for inking will keep the art from getting messy later on.
I work on every area with a lot of detail.
More details…
Still more details…
Can’t get enough of details.
I can’t get any satisfaction with the little heart so I decided to change it to the word “loves”.
I delete the blue pencil layer.
Put a little bit of halftoning…
Study with different tones of color.
Using Photoshop I put the art on top of a photo of a plain white shirt and show it to the client.