Ultra Music Festival Rebrand
Ultra Music Festival Redesign
Over the past few years I have become very interested in EDM (Electronic Dance Music). This past year, I was able to experience this genre of music live. Since I became very familiar with the scene and the people who live and breathe it, what better choice than to apply my knowledge and interest to something relative to this. So, for this project I decided I would essentially rebrand one of the largest EDM music festivals in the world called “Ultra”.
Their current website is designed inadequately to where it cannot be viewed properly on desktop and mobile devices. The logo is poorly designed and appears more as a power button rather than a "U". Other physical deliverables such as the ticket design has a design that is not cohesive with other branding material. Their current merchandise is also not visually linked in anything else, therefore creating a break in unison. I want to do this event justice and update it’s branding to be as ostentatious and crazy as the festival actually is as well as really emulate the spirit of the people through my final designs.
Decibel (Seattle)
Electric Zoo (NYC)
Tomorrowland (ATL)
Electric Daisy Carnival (LV)
Movement Electronic Dance Festival (Detroit)
Within the project, I want to create materials that will give the public a perspective that really represents the entirety of the festival. Although there are many mischevious activities that generally happen throughout the insanity of the concert, I would like to focus on the reason why Ultra exists, which is to bring EDM music lovers around the world together.
Logo  //  B&W, Color, Knockout
Promotional Poster  //  24x26
Advertisement // 11x17
Website // Desktop and Mobile
Packaging  //  Tickets, 3-Day Passes, Wristbands
T-shirt Design // 6 Options
Ultra Music Festival Rebrand