i-jusi 11: National Typografika
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i-jusi 11

i-jusi magazine was started by South African designer Garth Walker in 1994. It is Orange Juice Design's pro-bono exercise and published as a commitment to South African design excellence. With recent issues of i-jusi focusing on death, religion,pornography, and street style, the reader is presented with a vision ofa Third World country in a monumental struggle. Issue 11 was the first typographic issue and contibutors we asked to design a typeface rooted in an African experience.

For more info, visit www.ijusi.com

Cover of issue 11 designed in conjunction with Garth Walker.

Spread showcasing Familie, which is made up of 4 typefaces. Each one represents a member of a white middle-class South African family.

Typeface DAD

Typeface MOM

Typeface SON

Typeface SIS