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    Concept work for games that never got realized.
Some concept work I did for two games that were never realized.
Monster sketches for a running game. The grey blocks were placed to get a sense of scale and represent various buildings.
Running game player characters, each with their own little backstory, which was superfun to come up with.
Concepts for the in-game screens, environments and obstacles.
Kaiju battle!!! Who's gonna win: the mutated kid with its monstrous toys or the black robot box from Dimension X?
Two images for a game idea by Dan Da Rocha (Mudvark). The player would control a hot-air balloon that travels through a variety of fantasy landscapes, evading enemies and picking up valuables.
In the upper image a friendly town is shooting power-ups into the sky, whereas the lower images features gargantuan termite castles releasing oil vapour from their tips.