I've been so busy with client's work this year, with hardly any time to take a camera out just for the hell of it. I've also been shooting a lot of projects with minimal art direction, so it's been like personal photography for commissions, which can be as hard as it can be scary. If I go out and don’t make pictures on personal days it’s no issue, but shooting observational work for a client, when I know there’s a deadline, or another plane to catch to somewhere else puts great demand on the process. It’s important to produce: I’ve spent many years with a strict demarkation between personal work and commissions, but in the last few years the borders are (joyfully) becoming blurred. 

But I’m getting used to adopting a personal interpretation of assignments, and learning not to panic, and that the pictures will come as long as I don’t try to plan much or expect anything. Everyone seems to be happy with the results, so I guess it’s working out for everyone. I am so pleased to be able to work this way, to be asked to ‘just do your thing’ is a massive honour and I’d like to thank my clients here and now for this astonishing privilege.

So this set of images taken during an ongoing trip to Italy is my offering to everyone who I’ve worked lately, and to whom I owe a huge debt for allowing me the joy of doing what I love to do, in the way I love to do it.