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    Logo design for Moisson clair de lune. Selected and publish into logo lounge number 4.
Here fews logo i did, differents kinds of projet from 2002 to 2015. Thank for watching.
Logo design for Moisson clair de lune. This logo has been publish into the book LogoLounge 4.
Logo design for Tango Pousses / Sprouts. Custom typography using serif to express the sprouts and nature. Design typographie sur mesure afin de créer un effet de pousse et mettre de l'avant la nature et la fraîcheur.
This logo in the woodcut style is a simple idea for a Morpheus Entertainment, a Montreal business, who work in Hollywood. The boat is sailing through the cloud looking for a star (movie stars), also the Morpheus is the god of dream in greek history, so the colors and the elements are thoses of the night and dreams. The sailer on the boat is a corporate man with a tie, so this mean this is a corporate adventure in some way...