Petrovka office
At the heart of the complex of houses at Petrovka 19 is situated an 18th century manor, at the beginning of the 19th century there was a pharmacy, at the end of the 19th century a Faberge jewelry store, and from 1903 to 1904 A.P. Chekhov was its resident.

The house itself is decorated in eclectic style with stunning bay windows, stucco moldings, round dormer windows and a central cartouche. Inside has been preserved a magnificent grand staircase with a carpet and niches for lamps.

The inability to change anything was a blessing - an ethical attitude towards the historical heritage set a framework that one did not want to break.

The interior was created for a company engaged in the production of media content: filming and photography, voice acting, color correction and editing. Since they urgently needed to leave the rented premises, they had less than 3 months for repairs. In addition to the urgency of the move, there was yet another important circumstance: the film company moved from a 150 m2 room larger to Petrovka, alongside with all the furniture and the same number of employees. We had to think about how to comfortably accommodate everyone on 200 m2 instead of 350.

Another circumstance contributed to the approach that is now called sustainability: ethics in dealing with historical interiors, from which, alas, only brick walls remained, extended to the attitude towards the used furniture and light: vintage lamps, including from the Dutch Dijkstra Lampen of the 1970s, the Mackintosh table, vintage chairs and armchairs from the European antique markets - all found their place in the new space. We just added two partitions to block out the color grading room and the producers' office.

The slats for the zoning of common areas were taken from the carpentry shop, where they remained from previous projects. We cut them in half and made partitions, reception and storage areas.
A special stroke of luck was finding the right color to match the rooms, the search of which was preceded by a whole historical study and as a result a deliberately old-fashioned shade of yellow was found, ideally suited to the color of the main staircase in the art nouveau style of the late 20th century. The rest of the colors folded around him.

The walls in the corridor and in the meeting room were printed in a printing house, the prototype for them was the graphics of Andrei Naumov. His drawings in colored ink on rice paper were translated into vector by the young Moscow graphic artist Polina Glynina and printed in the size of high ceilings of 3.20 m.

Special thanks to photographer Mikhail Stepanov: we owe his incredible sense of composition, color and photography to these beautiful photographs.
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Petrovka office


Petrovka office