Residential Real Estate

Mississauga, Ontario

Core Architects

Interior Design
Cecconi Simone

Architectural Renderings
Norm Li

Situated at the corner of Hurontario Street and Fairview Road East in Mississauga’s city centre, a contemporary community will take shape. Developed by Edenshaw with design by Core Architects and Cecconi Simone, Alba will rise 32 storeys above the bustling downtown intersection – its fluid, curvilinear form offering sweeping views of its surroundings. With a reputation for sustainable and innovative building practices, Edenshaw is one of Canada’s most trusted and progressive boutique residential developers, and Alba is their newest addition to Mississauga’s residential landscape.

Engaged by Edenshaw and inspired by the undulating curvature of the architecture, Vanderbrand developed a contemporary brand identity and comprehensive launch campaign that would establish Alba not only as a desirable address within Mississauga, but as a distinct place in the world.
Set in an uppercase sans serif typeface, the logo features unique ink traps at the joints of the letter forms, resulting in a distinct visual motif. Conceived with reference to the flexibility of the building’s undulating envelope, the logo can be pulled apart and re-arranged to create new and abstracted iterations.
Edenshaw’s portfolio is comprised of residences that are progressive, sustainable, and inclusive. Driven by this ethos, Vanderbrand produced a suite of marketing collateral that reflects not only the quality, but the forward-thinking that Edenshaw has become known for.
A custom half-clamshell box holds the printed brochure. Affixed with functional matte black hardware, it is a piece that is meant to be kept and repurposed. Produced in a contemporary palette inspired by light and shadow, and finished with numerous embossing and foiling techniques, the tactility of the printed collateral is imbued with a level of quality reflective of the residence itself. 
As part of the brand narrative, Vanderbrand sought to capture poetic moments within a busy downtown landscape. The result is a series of photographs that, together, capture the essence of Mississauga by abstracting various points of interest throughout the community. The images create a new visual identity for the neighbourhood while allowing future residents to re-imagine life in Mississauga.
Positioned among the pages of the brochure are smaller, loop-stitched pamphlets that provide further information on different aspects of the project. Strategically placed to intentionally disrupt the chronology and allow for moments of pause and reflection, the pamphlets can be removed and kept as reference materials for future residents.
Nestled in a community with an abundance of green and public spaces, Alba’s views stretch beyond what the eye can see. From its top floors, one can experience the first moments of dawn reflected in the architecture of the Toronto skyline, and the final glimpses of dusk, abstracted in the surface of Lake Ontario. It was this point of difference that inspired Alba’s rhythmic time-based narrative. Times of day are communicated visually through nuances in light and shadow, and typographically by the introduction of time stamps.
The digital experience was designed to echo the level of quality and accessibility of the printed materials. With the addition of captivating video content, users can navigate themselves through the chronological timeline. Like the print brochure, users’ narratives are intentionally disrupted, now by the addition of interactive modules. Custom maps allow users to explore their surroundings virtually, while dynamic image galleries provide additional information on key locations throughout the neighbourhood.
To celebrate the launch of this highly anticipated project, Vanderbrand produced a limited run of custom, oversized gift boxes, with a seamless gradient finish. The gradient honours the day-to-night narrative by graphically representing sunrise and sunset.