"Why am I blue? Why am I the only one?"
Blue girl travels around the world with curiosity. 
She meets the octopus and a group of sunfish in the deepest sea,
and she also meets a great chef, a witch, and the ghost of the forest.
   She asks them, "Why am I blue? Why am I the only one?"
 But none of them gives an answer to Blue girl's question.

Blue girl deals with distinction.
Blue girl, who does not understand why she is different from others,
searches for a being that has the color
blue, which she can identify with herself. 

But, she never finds anything with her own color.

Are there no other
blue out there?
Is she the only unique being in the world? 

No. Everything in the world has its own color.
But, in the eyes of the
Blue girl, everything looks colorless. 
It is because she thinks she is the only unique and special being.

Some day, the
Blue girls will learn.
She is not the only one who is different from the world, but everything has its own uniqueness. 
That is when her journey will come to an end.