This sweet project has been a lot of fun to work on!
Aggressive took care of the scripting part and gave me all those fancy graphics to play with.
A little bit of Cinema 4D involved, but it’s quite hard to spot!
Pulling a wire is not as easy as in real life :) it was a good combination of an animated path and a mask taking care of covering/uncovering the text.
I had good time with some frame by frame animation here and there. Also I'm starting to enjoy putting some hand made motion blur like effect, I think it adds a lot with very little effort.
The "hype-phone" has been made in Cinema 4D. Yup, I know it's so small it's doesn't make much sense for it to be in 3D, but I felt it needed a little bit more depth, and I wanted to see it spin somehow.
And these are all shape layers in Aftereffects, I love how the rectangles can animate the roundness of the corners. Lot of fun!