Notes from Class
Fuck the Salad Bar
Don't Tell Me 'Cause It Hurts
(Blastoise I)
Hub-Bub Thuggitry 
(Blastoise II)
I Said FUCK yo' Battleship, Dood
Holy Calamity, Scream Insanity
(Lab Rat, Jolly Roger, & the last boss from Super Smash Brothers)
It's Complicated being a Crasher
(Homage to how awesome it is to play Castle Crashers while listening to Portugal. the Man's )
Common Law 
(2 pages)
King Oma Noma
(This is bad)
Pacman in the place, beeeeeeeeeatch!
Follow your Nose
(Sorry Alex Pardee)
Word up to your Stirrup 
(Read the antlers)
(They say "Fuck You")
(I'm serious)
The Jackass Cactus
(Inspired by Dustin Edwards)
Unstoppable 2: Shit Just Got Real
(Based on some ill ass muh' fuckin' events)
The Reason Why Elliot Smith Stabbed Himself :(
Friends Don't Let Friends Drink & Draw
(The "D" in "Draw" looks like a "P" but it's a "D", I promise)
Carry on My Wayward Son
The Letter E
(is for the word "Awesome")
The Letter S
White Picket Fences in the Mouth Piece
(Ode to Count Chocula)
Typewriter Prototype
Brick Wall Angel never to be finished
God Damn King Shit
(Barbra's Puffins Cereal)
I was too Busy Staring at your Tits to Notice You were Crying
Knuckle Dragger Faction Captain
B is for Beta Ketones
(Venusaur meets Bath Salts)
S is for Scrumptious Substance P
G is for GABA Clouds
T is for Tardive Dyskinesia 
(This is a true WIP and so was the last one)
Notes from Class

Notes from Class

Notes from Class is a series of sketches and phrases that fell out of my brain and fell in love on the paper when I should have been paying atten Read More

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