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FLIPPED Beauty作為FLIPPED Vintage的延伸品牌,為當代女性提供『非常規』式的彩妝選擇,主張透過色彩展現每個人的獨特魅力。將現代女性對於美的大膽表述,融合在濃郁且精緻的視覺形象中,令人目不轉睛,對表達自我的態度怦然心動。

FLIPPED Beauty is a sub-brand of FLIPPED Vintage, offering ‘unconventional’ cosmetics products to modern women. FLIPPED Beauty believes in uncovering everyone’s unique beauty with vivid colors. Through a luscious and delicate visual system, FLIPPED Beauty boldly declares how modern women define beauty, creating a brand identity that is eye-catching and inspiring.

FLIPPED Beauty認為現代消費者需要的彩妝,美無定義,是能夠鼓勵人們有自信地顯現出自己的魅力和勇於嘗試,因此我們將透過『More than New』為視覺策略主題,為FLIPPED Beauty打造視覺識別。

其中Flipped Vintage標誌中的愛心符號意為”怦然心動“的象徵,也將延續在Flipped Beaty品牌當中。但我們將它巧妙的藏了起來!

標誌中加入兩顆閃光點符號,當延展成圖騰使用的時會看到藏在其中的愛心。這個標誌設計體現FLIPPED Beauty更注重鼓勵消費者展現自己的獨特以及新穎。包括包裝設計和視覺延展,同樣以濃郁的顏色來展現品牌的時髦和自信。

FLIPPED Beauty believes the modern consumers need the brand is that encourages people to confidently show their charm and dare to try. Therefore, we will use "More than New" as the visual strategy theme to create a visual identity for FLIPPED Beauty .

Among them, the love symbol in the Flipped Vintage logo means "heartbeat", which will also continue in the Flipped Beaty brand. But we cleverly hid it!

The Flicker symbols in the logo, and when extended into a pattern, you will see "the Flipped" hidden in it. This logo design reflects that FLIPPED Beauty pays more attention to encouraging consumers to show their uniqueness and novelty. Including packaging design and visual extension, it also uses rich colors to show the brand's fashion and confidence.
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Client: FLIPPED Beauty _Shanghai
Agency: Tonetone Design Office
Designer: Peiling Song/ Nic Huang
Photography: Tonetone Design Office

Aug. 2021
FLIPPED Beauty | Brand Identity

FLIPPED Beauty | Brand Identity

FLIPPED Beauty is a subbrand of FLIPPED Vintage, offering ‘unconventional’ cosmetics products to modern women. FLIPPED Beauty believes in uncover Read More