» R A N D O M Q U O T E « – Cosmosys XIII

// Second art-entry for Cosmosys Art-Collective

// C O S M O S Y S  X I I I –
// O V E R D O S E D



// » R A N D O M  Q U O T E «


People love to read quotes from more or less famous persons
and we mostly are content with this.
We are printing it and pining it on our walls.
We are saving it on our computer in a folder.

But how many of us really live
after the meaning of the quotes
we really like or love?

Quotes let us feel good,
but then ... there is the next quote
and ohh, there is the next quote
which we like...

We mostly don't think about
the meaning of the quotes.

Because we are OVERDOSED with quotes. (?)

People like it easy,
most of us don't want to think
about the demanding background ...

What does the autor mean and why?

A lot of times
we aren't even aware or cognicant
of what we are consuming
since we are always bombarded with
different types of media.

I think that this is a really awesome quote,
if you face it.
If you really start living your dreams.
If you never stop dreaming.
Or if you stop dreaming to create something!
But in the most (and in this) context
the quote looks random and arbitary.

Its not that easy living your dreams ...
but people say "Do it! Now". ...

With » R A N D O M  Q U O T E « I want to feel
the viewer of the picture first overdosed
because of the supposed chaos in the picture.
But than ... if you take time to look on the canvas,
you will be able to read the letters
and later the quote on it.
The viewer (You) should feel overdosed
and maybe overwhelmed –
mindfuck?! ...
... Do you feel
the chaos
in this piece?
Spraypaint, Marker, Acryl on Canvas
(75 cm x 116 cm)
Do you feel it? ...
Do it! Now!
[Start living your dreams!]
// S O M E  D E T A I L S

// F E A T U R E  O N  A B D U Z E E D O

// T H A N K S  F O R  W A T C H I N G !

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All images are © by Patrick Hafner 2013.
All rights reserved.


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» R A N D O M Q U O T E « – Cosmosys XIII

» R A N D O M Q U O T E « – Cosmosys XIII

We love to read // random // quotes ...

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