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Caviar logo concept

Caviar house Sturgeon
The concept of a logo for a future company. For the project, I created a 3D model of the logo and a unique pattern suitable for both digital and external communication.

Client: no name  /    Designer: Mikhail Chulin [rudisvisum]    /   Service: Logotype

For the idea, I took a simple name and a stylish online symbol reflecting the company's activities.​​​​​​​

Two color solutions were chosen for the company. 
Charcoal color as the main color for use in various communication with customers and within the company. 
The second color was chosen as one of the Gold color options for separating labels on products.

Pattern and its application on possible media

The idea for the pattern did not come immediately, there were still possible solutions, I constantly caught the eye of black caviar, in the end I decided to try to make something of them and "hooray" a simple solution gave a pattern combined with the style.

Russia, Moscow 2021

Caviar logo concept


Caviar logo concept

The concept of the logo for the caviar house Sturgeon. In the process of developing the logo, a unique pattern in the form of eggs was created.