O Menino Lua (The Moon Boy)
In 2010 I drew this little fellow above: a boy with moon head, flying in his rocket and cathing stars. I had a many ideas to writing his history, but I went into deep depression and for the last four years I couldn't work like before.
Now I'm finaly better and to celabrate, I decided to make the Moon Boy puppet for an art exhibition promoted by Sala Ilustrada school of arts.
First step: build a 3D papel model of Moon's Boy shrine (15,5x15x1,8 cm)
In the head I made tiny yo-yos ("fuxicos" in portuguese) to create craters and moutains. (Ok! It's look like he had a bad case of moles...)
After place a yellow skin over naked head, the yo-yos solution works fine.
This is a "blue" print to weld his armature/skelleton.  I need to do this to build everything correctlycorrectely (and 'cause I make mess with soldering paste).
This is the armature/skelleton. The white stripes are duct tape. I use them to fell (literally) the joints under the fabric and stuffing.
Hello! ma baby / Hello! ma honey / Hello! ma ragtime gal / Send me a kiss by wire / Baby, ma heart's on fire!
If you refuse me / Honey, you'll lose me / Then you'll be left alone / Oh, baby, telephone / And tell me I'm your own! ♫ (link)
Now the puppet is finished, with all his stripes and glory. He's 40cm tall!
This one was pretty trick. I never build a vehicle before, so took me a intire day to figure out to do that. I tried to make only paper arcs, paper box, paper roll but nothing works. So when I gave up the solution came: Styrofoam!
I carved a three styrofoam layer box, coverd it with dark paper and glue. After it dry, I cuted in two and remove the core... TA-DA! Now I have a careen for my spaceship!
The major material here in the workshop is fabric. So I took some pieces of cotton fabric and roll them over the paper careen and I sewed them. Looks like a raw cheese croassint.
This is the result after paint job. I used a mix of acrylic and fabric ink. (17cm long)
Every ship needs a comfortable seat...
The first time when Moon Boy seat in his ship. "Damn this compact ships! My next will be a Hummer" - he said.
This is how the 40cm puppet seats in a 17cm spaceship. I think the Moon Boy will have jet leg or something...
Ta-da! Now I can fly!!!
After "dress up" the spaceship, make a wired scarf and build an band-aid, the Moon Boy is gone.
With the puppet finished, I start to buil the box for the shrine. This is the hand made frame.
This is the final piece, a shire with 43x42x11 cm.  Below some pictures of final pice.
I took 160 hours to finish this little fellow and his box. I hope you like it! X)
O Menino Lua (The Moon Boy)

O Menino Lua (The Moon Boy)

"The Moon Boy shrine", a puppet art based in 2010 illustration.
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