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    I conducted a head-to-head interview with 90s pop icon Jimmy Jam and the producer deemed his modern-day equivalent, Dev Hynes.
Dazed & Confused, August 2013
Head to Head: Dev Hynes x Jimmy Jam
I met 90s icon Jimmy Jam (of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) with his modern day equivalent, Dev Hynes, at Freak City in Hollywood. The two of them had never previously met but ended up being quite kindred spirits. They engaged in a fast-moving, inspired discussion about musical influences, production, geeked-out machinery and how to stay true to oneself in an ever-changing pop landscape.
Photography by Aaron Stern.
Available online, with video by filmmaker Raphael Chatelain: www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/17032/1/dev-hynes-vs-jimmy-jam