Gravity... It helps us to live... yet it is also our main rival. From the beginning we counteract this phenomenon. Sometimes we need to press the pause, to remind yourself something special, somewhere deep, deep inside: warmth, safety,  weightlessness... We`ve designed a new mobile original ergonomics for a painless back the Dynamic Zero Gravity Position implemented in the lounge chair 'lul'.

Lull world — we create weightlessness on Earth
NASA’s designers developed Zero Gravity Position formula in the 70s to evenly distribute the hyper loads on the astronaut’s body when the spacecraft takes off.
The fact is that the spine (especially its lower part - lumbago) of an ordinary person receives the same  high loads upon sitting in a static position on a chair, the only difference is that the gravitation load is stretched in the time continuum. As a result, we still get, with age, such spine traumas like osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and many other health problems resulting from prolonged static sitting at the desk.. But why, If we need the screen of a gadget and comfortable chair mostly?

 Passed through the prism of the experience you’ve accumulated in order to achieve the result in the simplest way. Perhaps every designer can single out one or two out of his multiple works as the dearest to him. And, often they become the hallmark of his oeuvre. It`s time to share with the world my brainchild being the quintessence of trial and error in my search for a comfortable, universal, mobile chair that is suitable for both leisure and work.​​​​​​​

I tried to replicate this ergonomics in a mobile lounge chair 'lul' so that it was convenient to use anywhere.
In the process of operation, a very interesting feature was revealed: due to the steel metal frame and ergonomic semi-sitting position, you can swing in the chair, and,  in combination with  a comfortable position turned to be a very successful solution: the users experienced a kind of meditative condition that allows you to quickly and efficiently relax, which had a positive effect on the nervous system as a whole.
 I called this ergonomics the DYNAMIC ZERO GRAVITY POSITION.

Dynamic Zero Gravity Position: 
 - weightlessness 
- quick refresh
- concentration on processes

brand "Lull World" is built on user reviews
From customer responses, it was noticed that no back pain develops after prolonged sitting in this chair. A deeper research into human anatomy revealed that due to the dynamic seat, and the possibility of self-oscillation, the muscles of the back and legs are stimulated, increasing blood circulation in those places which, on the contrary, fall asleep while a person is sitting on a chair  before a desk, resulting in muscle over strain and increased loads on the lower part of the back. The new chair turned out to be incredibly comfortable since the hammock features were taken as a basis - it adapts anatomically to the user, regardless of gender, height, weight and volume. The whole set of positive features are the combination of luck which first managed to embody in Kolyhva product, and now - in a new product version - 'lul'.


standard set weight (frame+hammock+bag)
Less weight and size means an increase in mobility, as the hammock can now safely fit the trunk of an average sedan, and will fit even a Smart car. 


Regardless of the time of day and location, it will be convenient for you to read a book or write down your invading ideas in a notebook: 3W LED lamp and a (will be soon rechargeable battery now light is working from adapter) is inbuilt at the top of the chair.
Neither specks of sunlight on a gadget,  nor mosquitoes
Rain and sun protection  is the umbrella, will produce of metallized fabric and equipped with the fittings to fasten an anti-mosquito screen. Now neither specks of sunlight on a gadget, nor mosquitoes will prevent you from resting comfortably on the beach, in the city park or in the backyard of your cozy home.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
 fasten by zipping to the umbrella
makes your coziest lounge chair to most comfortable mobile work place in the world
At first glance, it may seem that the laptop keyboard is upright, which is not comfortable for the wrists. But you really need to understand that the position of your body relative to the ground is also twisted. Regarding the body, the keyboard is at an angle of 15-25 degrees, so it is comfortable to use and only from the side it may seem that it is not comfortable.
11" both sides pockets 
 fit 10" tablet, power-bank, phone etc.
for drinks and mouse you can install HPL water proof mini table.  
You can one side or both to use.
You can make any height as you need for your comfort use.
Sustainable product 
I'm trying to make sustainable product:
- Each part of 'lûl' chair you can easy change to another.
- Each part is monomaterial for easy sorting during utilizing to a waste.
- You can easy repair by replacing any details.
- You can wash it in mashine.
At the beginning of this 2022, we had big plans to develop our startup. After a successful fundraiser on the Kickstarter, we received about 200 backers who supported our project and this inspired us to move forward. We have received more than 20 offers from regional dealers from around the world. At the end of January, we've started production, purchased the required amount of materials and agreed with contractors to manufacture components... but the war came to our country! 

Almost all cities in Ukraine are shelled by missiles during half years. Every days civilian peoples are dying, buildings destroying, business closing... 

 Some of our contractors have been destroyed. Some companies have suspended operations, many people have emigrated, mostly women. Most of the men took up arms and defended the country. It is a war against lies and malice, it is a war for justice and freedom, for peace and democracy of Ukrainian people.
In such conditions, it is quite difficult to continue working, but we must fulfill our obligations to our customers and backers and move forward to a bright future for all humanity.
Please support our project by ordering our product.
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