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Marketing animation

The animation you saw above shows our main services that we provide to our clients. Although we made it for ourselves, an example of this implementation is very helpful in understanding what the process of creating such videos looks like. Therefore, we wanted to share it with you and I will try to describe the case study below.
Perhaps it will help some of you? :)

It all started with choosing assumptions, what we care about in the animation - which we mainly want to show. We made a moodboard to give the main direction. The whole team participated in the brainstorming session in order to know at an early stage what we would be doing in each subsequent one.

The first element that was created physically was the story board:
As you can see, the final version of the animation is quite faithful to what we planned for the first time. It also shows how important a good storyboard and a good work plan are.
Then we distributed the scenes between the team members so that everyone could get what they feel best and specialize in. To measure how long the next scenes should last, we created a simple animatic. Since it is a bit boring in the original version, I am posting a 3-fold accelerated version below.
On the first scene we wanted it to fit well with the music. In addition, the moment to move to the next scene had to be in 5 seconds. Why? Because when we use the material as an advertisement on Youtube, we want the advertisement to sound in full until it can be skipped. Therefore, the beginning of the animation was very important to us. It had to be well timed and in tune with the rhythm of the music. Previews allowed us to see that something else has to be invented at this point. This approach and our workflow allowed us to minimized the amount of wasted time.
As the effect was not satisfactory in this case, we decided to replace the concept of this scene. As a result, it stood on two stages. It all starts with a falling ball and then there is a scene with CBD oil spinning. To make the ball's motion look relistic, we set it up to simulate it. Several attempts were then made:
The middle part of the animation went most efficiently. Already at the beginning it was obvious that it was going in the direction we wanted. Of course, we started with the base shapes which we later added details to.
The last frame went its way into production without any major problems. This is how the scene was invented at the beginning, the process of creating it was so successful. Below you can see it well in these 3 moving pictures:
When we got a satisfactory effect, we had to render the entire animation. Fortunately, we have a small rendering farm in our office. We put on rendering on Friday after work and when we returned on Monday the sequence of images was already waiting for us.
Finally, we have to add the right copy, flares, fix minor bugs and final post-production.
I hope you like the final effect!
Creative Direction: Chris Gil, Witold Markiewicz
CGI Lead: Witold Markiewicz
Compositing Artist: Błażej Dolot
CGI Artists: Błażej Dolot, Mateusz Barański, Jakub Pawłowski, Jakub Szubka
Production: Andrzej Czerwiński
Software: 3ds Max + After Effects + tyFlow + Phoenix FD

Year: 2021
Marketing animation


Marketing animation