Maribor, Slovenia
EPK – European Capital Of Culture ‐ DRAVA RIVER 2012    

The city of Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia with nearly 130.000inhabitants. It is located in the northeast of Slovenia, only 17 kilometres fromthe Slovenian-Austrian border. Being located at the crossing of the Alps andPannonian lowland, Maribor offers interesting possibilities for quality living.The slopes of Pohorje offer great ski trails and the city’s streets end in vineyardsunder the Slovenske gorice region at the other side. The river Drava flowsthrough the city. 

The Maribor Art Gallery (Umetnostna galerija Maribor - UGM) is the central museum-gallery institution for visual art in north-eastern Slovenia and it is the second largestinstitution of its kind in Slovenia.
The new UGM building is designed in a way to maintain a relation to the city and at the same time standing out to the visitors of Maribor, A new landmark of the city.
It has two main elements the exterior skin designed to be simple blending with the surroundings with its white color and simple form ,and the exterior plaza skin in deep red and a complex formation that resembles revolutionary new arts and culture of our time.
The exterior skin
The exterior skin of the new UGM is a work of art by itself. It is designed to fulfill fundamental needs forthe interior space in addition to the exterior design glamorous effect on the visitor of the lent area formeither of the Drava river banks, the opening is parametrically edited for every use of the following 

UGM Plaza
Exterior space skin
The skin of the exterior exhibit is specially designed to achieve the main concept of contrast withouthurting the interior spaces needs of lighting and vision. The louvered skin maintain high level of visioncontact between the interior and exterior space at the same time giving the exterior exhibit area itsunique revolutionary red look 
Light depth
The exterior Skin is designed to apply translucent light to the interior using exterior sun light all yearlong. The minimum depth of each opening unit on the south façade of the building is related to the maxangle of the sun during the year, creating a glare free exhibit and public areas inside the new UGM
The use of this method also created a very dynamic space for the interior; the interior wave runsthrough the building creating unique interior spaces 

Form Evolution 
UGM Skin
Void vs. solid radius
The radius of the exterior grid is used to control the lighted spaces inside the new UGM. Control points
and lines is used to adjusted the area of void spaces along the whole façade according to use 
Exterior effect depth
The exterior of the new UGM is a great attraction for visitors, every unit is independently lighted by itsdepth, thus creating incredible and attractive scenery specially form the other side of the Drava river ,allthat without hurting the conditioned lighting of the interior exhibition spaces 
Sustainable concepts
The new UGM design has a great number of energy efficient techniques The energy efficient interiorlighting using sun light along the year, Earth core temperature cooling and heating – urban windgeneration using modern vertical generators along the back plaza-Sustainable material use in its interiorand exterior skins ,natural ventilation and temperature control ,resulting in a minimum carbon footprintvalue 

Mohamed Alaa ElDin ElSarha
M.Mansour Gebaly
Khaled ElAshry 
Wael Hussien Mahmoud