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Recent Personal Projects

Recently, I was interviewed by in regards to my Make Something Cool Every Day project. I was asked to try and make something creative on the spot, in the room where I was being interviewed. After evaluating the room, I was struck with an idea. I got out my marker and voila, Snoutlet.
Boba Fett's Invoice to Jabba the Hut

I wanted to make this for a long time. I finally found the time to execute. Thanks to my friend Dan Wallace, author of The Jedi Path, for helping me with some of the minute details.
Twinkie Circuitry

I liked the contrast of a soft, cream-filled Twinkie having this mechanical interior.
Rice Krispyhenge

Made this on a Sunday afternoon. Used an aerial photo of Stonehenge for reference. 
Literal Java Jacket

Your coffee should look its best, no? This literal java jacket serves the practical function of a typical java jacket, but it looks a bit more stylish. Fully collapsible. Sleeves are attached on a perforated edge, enabling them to fold out when the jacket is opened.
Dark Side of the Doritos

Made from sliced bag pieces from the following 8 Doritos flavors: Late Night Cheeseburger, Pizza Supreme, Nacho Cheese, Throwback Taco, Toasted Corn, Salsa Verde, Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch and Spicy Sweet Chili.

Exhibitionist Coffee Cup

Random / goofy idea I had when I was supposed to be doing client work. This was quite easy to make. Cut the coffee sleeve in half and tape it to back of cup. Cut a section from the back of the cup to make the hands. Tape it all together and draw a creepy face. Place it on a table in your local coffee shop and see how people react.
Gummy Bearskin Rug

This was another idea that was just sitting around in my head waiting to get made. I often execute these kinds of pieces because I am curious as to what the piece will look like once executed. 
Broccoli House

I wasn't able to build my son a treehouse, so I built him this broccoli house instead.
Made with balsa wood.

I was tired when I made this piece, it was late and I remember walking around the house thinking, "If I find a dead fly then I am supposed to make this piece. If I don't find one, then I will go to bed." Well, I found one on a window sill in the basement, so I made the piece.
Sphecid Wasp at the Marshmallow Listening Station

My son is really into insects, which has rekindled my own interest in insects. This image came to me recently and so I made it. I like the idea of insects being attracted to food for reasons other than consumption.

This poor little oven bird flew into the picture window at our house and died instantly. My son asked me why birds don't wear helmets. So before burying the bird, I put a little helmet on his head that I borrowed from an action figure and took this shot.
Recent Personal Projects