Hello cutiepies! ✨✨🧡✨✨
This year (2021) I got asked to be a co-host of an amazing oktober challnege called Hexoween! 😁😎🌟
 Autumn is the most magical time of the year so it deserves an event that fits perfectly. Hexoween is about Halloween, autumn, magical beings, supernatural creatures and everything creepy and spooky! 
 I wanna write too many things here so I am gonna stop and share the most important informations, like:
How to participate:
💛Starting from October 1st, every 4 days the theme will change, under which you can draw, sculpt, glue, photograph, write, compose and create whatever you want, so long it matches the theme.
🧡 be sure to use the hashtags #hexoween and #hexoween2021 - so we can see your creations and we can repost favorite arts in our stories.
💙enjoy this challenge and have fun✨😎✨
The Prompts:
1-4 Ritual
5-8 Goat Legs / Faun
9-12 The Devil
13-16 Tale of Terror
17-20 Death and Rebirth
21-24 Inner Ghosts
25-28 Witch of Nightmares
29-31 The Last Vampire
Hexoween is hosted by these wonderful illustrators on instagram:
Let me start showing you all my work that I will update gradually as I finish them :) Hope you like it!
Sketches for all the 8 prompts:
The first Prompt is titled Ritual and is performed by an amazing witch, Maeve, in her chamber, surrounded by the things she considers most important to her. Maeve's a modern age witch and has a story to tell you all. The Devil's in the details *smirk* We shall reveal more about her friends and interesting love life as we go on with the prompts. The big question might be what kind of ritual is she performing? Who is calling her and why? Do you have any clues or ideas? If so, we would love to hear it 💜 oooh how I love to be mysterious :D
We could not imagine this without creating a story and we would love to share it with you all at the end of October, once our creative writer finishes her magic and we find a platform where you can easily read it. Until then enjoy the little details I am able to give ya all :D
Basic idea and illustration: Tin
Names and story writer: Daisy
Super cute reviewer: Rin
Today (October 7th) you can meet Tilla, our Faun. She is the guardian and protector of all animals. She possesses powerful magic to ensure every animal's safety and that anyone who dares harm them does not remain alive. She is kind and all around adorable, until her loved ones are hurt, because then she turns into a fierce mama faun. In which case you better steer clear of her.
Also, if you looked closely at the clues we left you in the post on Maeve, you will realize she is the other person on the little BFF post-it note 🤯 Bet ya didn't see that coming 😂 Tilla and Maeve have a super close relationship even though they can only meet once a year, on Halloween night. You're probably wondering why they can only meet on this specific date.
Of course there is more to their story, but if we revealed everything now, where would the suspense be, right? We look forward to your guesses in the comments and we would love to hear your opinion and thoughts about Tilla 🥺☺️
So let me be clear: He is the DEVIL, you hear me, right?!!! He is the most evil and most powerful demon in the whole universe! So get your drool under control and wiped off because while he may be handsome as hell (see what I did there?), he is the evilest of all evil 😈
Our super sexy devil here, Ramiel - yes sexy name too - is happy to finally be able to see Maeve and of course flirt with her in person too. Halloween is the only night when the border between life and death is truly thin, meaning that the spirits of the dead can cross over from one realm to the other and visit their loved ones. Halloween night is the only time of the year when the living, the dead, the demons, the fauns, the witches and all magical creatures have a big feast.
Oh wait, are you still hung up on the Devil flirting with our super cute witch? Well ofc he is. Apart from Maeve being super hot and cute, she is her generation's most powerful witch.. actually even stronger than that… The stronger you are the more you can feel how much spiritual power one possesses, so no wonder the Devil is trying to get in Maeve's good graces. He can sense the power she radiates. He wants to gain all the power in the world for evil uses, and our super strong witch is no exception from his need for control.
First sketch vs final 
So let us continue with the Ritual performed by Maeve. As  we still don’t know what happened there, other than the fact Tilla and Ramiel are on their way to her. The Ritual is a strong spell performed by witches and only witches. It is the strongest spell and the most dangerous one too, having the name of Tales of Terror. It's about calling all ancestor witches, asking for their knowledge and power. It helps you get stronger, gain their wisdom so you can avoid any mistakes that could put your life in danger. With all the evil in the world, especially with Ramiel on his way, one has to be careful, right? Even if you succeed in calling all the ancestors, but your spiritual, physical and mental power are not strong enough to hold all of it inside you, it will destroy you. As of now, it seems like Maeve is controlling it just fine, but will she be able to hold all that in? She seems super frightened, but why? What did she see or hear to get her so scared? Stay with us to find out more!  
sketch, line art and full render of our character
Today’s prompt is about Death and Rebirth. You already met Ramiel, our sexy Devil. He is Death in person as the king of Hell. He is the one who takes charge over the ones who rot in hell and makes sure everything stays in chaos.. well you know how it works. I wanted to show you his demon form, also if needed he can turn into full human form, as previously shown but without the horns. Alongside Death, there is Rebirth. He is also a powerful figure and also an important character in our story. I can't tell you who he is specifically, cuz I don't want to spoil the mystery, but I will tell you about him as to why he has the name Rebirth and what his power is. He was once a human who died but his strong will to stay alive allowed him to stay in this world, with the living. He can bring back the dead, but it has a price too. The ones brought back can never die, unless he ends them. His role is to help the dead on their path to the other side, while  he can also lift the veil so they can visit their loved ones once a year on Halloween night. His soldiers, the dead he brought back to life, help him keep order on this night.
first sketch vs final sketch
line art
full rendered characters
Maeve goes through a lot of trouble to get this powerful spell under her  control. The next step of the spell, after calling them all, is to control them. All the ghosts invade her body, she can even feel them as if they are a part of her, and thus they become her inner ghosts. Once she gets to know them, listens to all they have to say, they entrust her with their wisdom and power, then leave her body and go back to rest in the other world. This is what witches call the Tales of Terror. You never know what the spirits will leave behind. This powerful spell can only be performed during Halloween Night, when all the souls from the Afterworld have permission to come to the world of the living. During this part of the spell Maeve is really vulnerable. She can’t protect herself as she puts all her concentration and power into making sure each step of the spell is performed perfectly, without mistakes.  See the plot twists of all of it? Smirk smirk D: 
sketch vs finished illustration
The mysterious hand you saw in the previous illustration belongs to the Witch of Nightmares. Currently she is considered the most powerful witch, who can also sense other's power. She can feel her ‘throne’ being in danger and wants to eliminate Maeve before she loses it all.. And she chose the perfect time for it. Maeve now has a thousand more nightmares as she still has a couple souls trapped in her body, sharing  their nightmares with her..I mean, can you imagine the horror she is going through? She is on the verge of going completely insane if nothing is done...Tilla and Ramiel are on their way..or maybe they are still too far from reaching her.. Will they get to her in time or will she be able to snap out of it before she's consumed by the madness? Can anyone help her at this point? Stay with us to find out in the last piece 😈
line art - base colors - full rendered characters
sketch vs final
Remember Rebirth? Well let me introduce him properly: Meet Bastian, a.k.a the Last Vampire. As you may remember, he has the power of bringing back the dead. Vampires, as we know, can do that but it is also very dangerous and shall not be played with. At the beginning he did not care about the lost souls nor the ones he did bring back for his own entertainment, until he met Maeve. Yes yes, you get a moment to fangirl:))) I know that controlling your drooling is hard..we are past that, it is impossible I know 😌🤤  Bastian has become more responsible of his power since the two have met. The ones he brought back are now loyal soldiers and help him keep everything under control. No more souls were brought back, but he made a pact with every soul that if he needed their help, they would aid him with their strength and as souls are really powerful, you wouldn't even think of it. Anyway Bastian was there with Maeve from the beginning of the Ritual, supervising and making sure all the souls go back to the afterlife, as they can’t remain in the world of the living, as halloween night is coming to an end.. Yes, the witch of Nightmare could still get through, she is powerful as you know, but so is Bastian and in this illustration he is in full on fighting mode to protect Maeve. Will he succeed? Is he called the Last Vampire because he is the last (and first) of his kind or is he called the Last Vampire because he dies in this battle? 
from sketch to line art
sketch vs finished illustration
Thank you for reading it so far! I really loved  and enjoyed working on these illustration and  I hope you loved them too! 
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Hexoween 2021

Hexoween 2021