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Design & marketing services for hire
Often development customers reach out to me for design services. These usually include branding and layout, but occasionally brand positioning and strategy are required.

Highlighted in this project are pieces done for local companies. Each company had different requirements, and a wide variety of existing brand and material.

When working with a company that does not have an active brand, or looking for a complete overhaul, a brief study is taken of their company. This study helps establish the meaning and reason behind the current brand (if any), and the likes and dislikes of the owners.

Usually two or three concepts are developed and then refined for the customers to choose from. In the end, the customer decides what branding they want to use, and the marketing materials are based off those decisions.

Included in this project is a sampling of branding done for 1160 Mortgage / Dan Frio Mortgage, Bullis Lock, and Challenge Fitness.
1160 Mortgage / Dan Frio Mortgage
1160 Mortgage was a commissioned re-branding to coencide with a website redesign. The owner, Dan Frio, wanted something that looked modern and would be able to be easily used on his affiliate sites and with the radio stations he was featured on.
Being primarily a housing lending office, the design of a roof top forming against his name was a clear design winner. Varients of the logo had to be designed to highlight both his name and AM 1160 where Dan was featured in ‘The Mortgage Minute’.
Bullis Lock/Systems
Bullis Lock is a staple locksmith in Chicagoland. Founded in 1920, the company never really had a consistent logo or brand design. 
The owner wanted a fresher look then their old logo, and to refresh their positioning to include more services than just locksmithing.
Five concepts were presented to Bullis Lock, updating the name to Bullis Systems.
A brighter blue was also selected for their color palette. Ultimately the owner selected the lock style design, but felt it didn’t look enough like a lock.
The primary card used was mass printed on a lighter cardstock, allowing it to be easily handed out and included with everything.
An owner and generic front was developed. A small 2” x 2” square was decided on, as it could easily be punched and included onto key-rings.
Note the logo elements being broke out on the rear.
A high quality card was printed by Moo, and is used by the owner for larg customers, and large bids. The cards were cut credit card sized so they fit easily in a wallet, and were printed on high quality paper stocks with a gloss print accenting the color elements on the back and front.
Challenge Fitness
Challenge Fitness is a small, fitness studio in the old Challenge Windmill factory in Batavia, IL. 
The customer was open to any logo design, but wanted something 'modern, but not too much like a gym.' Several mockups were designed, however, since the studio took its name from the building it was located in, a logo varient was developed that tied that history, and ultimatly was selected by the customer.
The business card for Challenge Fitness required some unique problem solving. 
Initially, the customer asked for the back of the card to have a place for punch holes. 
The back of the card would act as a sort of trial card, allowing bearers access to specials or services. Rather then create a number of holes in the card, it was designed to ride along the egde, alloing a small notch to be punched in the indicated slot.
Challenge Fitness was looking for some non-mailable postcards to have for local events, or shows they were sponsors for, that would grab peoples attention. The back of the postcard came together, tying the local community into the design. Right behind the studio is an old railbridge converted to a foot bridge. Tying into the history and the scenery helped set the studio apart from other 'judgement free' gyms and their marketing.
Several variations of the front were produced, the customer liked the verbage used, and was tied into the idea of movement and sucess. After some work, the customer decided to use photos of their own studio and customers rather then stock imagery.
Other work
Displayed here are one-off designs, commissioned by companies or friends on a per-piece basis.
Mayfifteenth Freelance


Mayfifteenth Freelance