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Probiotics solid beverage
Bright Group is a modern urban industrial group centered on the food industry chain. Food manufacturing (dairy products, sugar, wine, snack food, etc.) occupies a large proportion of the entire industry chain. It has recently launched a probiotic solid beverage. An upgraded version to adapt to the ever-changing market challenges, and has developed raw material formulas for four different groups of people: children, women, fat reduction, and families. They hope that the design packaging can be more fashionable and younger.

光明集团是一家以食品产业链为核心的现代都市产业集团,食品制造(乳制品,糖,酒,休闲食品等)在整个产业链中占很大的比重,新近推出了一款 益生菌固体饮料 升级版,以适应不断变化的市场挑战,并且研发了针对 儿童,女性,减脂,家庭 四种不同的人群的原料配方,他们希望设计的包装能够更时尚,年轻化。

Through a lot of research, the creative team found that "probiotics can adjust the balance of the intestines, have a two-way regulation effect, and can purify the intestinal environment." Creative designs based on this feature, combining the two-way regulation with the characteristics of a double-sided playing card In creation, four different groups of people, including children, women, fat reduction, and families, are represented through fashionable and young illustration styles, color matching, and visual elements.

创意团队通过大量研究,发现“益生菌可以调节肠道平衡,具有双向调节的作用,可以净化肠道环境。” 根据这一特点进行创意设计,将双向调节与扑克牌双面人的特点相结合而创作,通过时尚年轻的插画风格,色彩搭配,视觉要素等来表现儿童,女性,减脂,家庭 四种不同的人群。
Probiotics solid beverage