LIBRESS Digital dress

Development of digital merchandise for Libresse company based on a ready-made sketch

Libresse is a part of the Essity company - one of the world leaders in the field of hygiene and health products. We received a ready-made sketch of a dress created by the artist Polina Osipova, which we re-think in the digital space and then this 3D model was fitted on the consumers photos and shared on social media.
The temple
The playground
The portal

Polina Osipova about the dress:
This dress is a manifesto about the strength, beauty and sensitivity of the female body, the most intimate part of which is extremely stigmatized, surrounded by fears, prejudices and shame. I think about our cultural codes and traditions and understand that the vulva and the vagina in the minds of many exist only in the context of the mythologies attached to it. There are two extreme, repressive positions of perception of the feminine principle: it is either a patriarchal canon of female submission and virtue, or something dirty, shameful, forbidden and bad. we rush between black and white, between dusty notions of holiness and lust, losing sight of a whole spectrum of thin colored fragments and lines. My body is much more complex than anyone's idea of it. Crystal drops and pearls are like dew, like sweet oxygen and as a symbol of especially delicate areas of the female body; metal elements framing pearls are the embodiment of inner strength. In this dress there is a reference to the image of the vulva, an organ whose whole spectrum of sensations was constantly ignored. And these feelings are more diverse and complex than we used to think when talking about sexual or reproductive function. They are about the universal. About the personal history of your relationship with the body, in which social stereotypes and prejudices should not interfere.

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LIBRESS Digital dress