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Northern Trust - Navigate The Now
Motion Graphics

Brand New School worked with their friends at VSA Partners to craft two financial journeys for Northern Trust and The Northern Trust Institute to appear during The 2021 Northern Trust Golf Tournament. The main challenge of this spot was to create a delicate but insightful paper craft vision of what Wealth Management can look like with the help of a trusted team. Wealth Management is much more than investing in stocks and with the the help of Northern Trust's financial experts in over 40+ specialities, it is individually tailored to each person. 

Pitch Design 


Production: Brand New School
Creative Director: Brumby Boylston
Art Director: Ren Chen, Reza Rasoli 
Designer: Yoon Lee, Klopas Oey, Jun Yang, Jesseter Wang
Animator: Abigail Fairfax, Klopas Oey, Lien Chi Yao, Adam Singer
Lighter: Wei Chung
Producer: Kelly Cousins
Resource Manager: Jackie Boubion 

Northern Trust - Navigate The Now