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Homeless Penguin

Homeless Penguin
Part of the #homelesswildlife series
In this series I use the method of making animals 'human-like' or anthropomorphic. By humanising the the penguins, it brings the viewer to a place of deep compasion for the species.

It's my intent that the art viewer is torn between the cute and illustrative nature of the piece, and is then drawn into the story and comes out concerned and pro-active about the plight of native wildlife in Australia.
Below are some of the elements photographed and used to create 
The story behind Homeless Penguin
Little Blue Penguins can be found in Australia, and in particular in the Phillip Island area. When talking with Penguin rescuers, I discovered the greatest challenge for this native species, was fending for their young in stormy seas.

These Penguins head out into the rough seas to try and find food for their babies that stay safe in the burrows on the land. Quite often rescuers find penguins close to death who have exhausted themselves in the ocean.  

Hearing this, I immediately envisioned this piece where the anthropomorphic penguins were out on boats, fishing for their young, and fighting the wind and the waves.

Below is a speed edit of the creation process:
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Homeless Penguin


Homeless Penguin