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Logo Design - Dharma Digital

Loved the journey and process of developing this Logo Design with @isabellamaayan, for her company - Dharma Digital.

I resonated from the start with the company’s approach and it’s intentionality, as Dharma Digital provides soul-centered marketing services for spiritual entrepreneurs.

The inspiration and logo concept came from the following elements:

- The Buddhist Dharma Wheel
- Peacock feather
- Lotus flower

Dharma is defined as the cosmic law, the righteous path, the higher purpose in life, therefore the name Dharma Digital and its tagline: Marketing with Purpose.

The mission of the holistic marketing agency @dharmadigitalbiz is to support their clients to step into their higher purpose.

The Dharma Wheel, recreated in the center of the Logo, is one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism, representing the teachings of Buddha. ☸️ Even it is a Vedic symbol, and its origins are even older, today it is the recognised symbol representative to Buddhism.

The eight spokes of the wheel represent the Eightfold Path - an eight-step guide for awakening and for living in balance.

These eight steps are:

Right view
Right intention
Right speech
Right action
Right livelihood
Right effort
Right mindfulness
Right concentration

When the true seeker is on the eightfold path, his devotion activates the wheel to spin and in its motion all steps for achieving the right way of living are awakened.
Logo Design - Dharma Digital


Logo Design - Dharma Digital