Natural State of Mind (Naturalness)
The concept of this poster design originally derives from a classic verse of Chinese ancient Buddhism.It says that infinite wisdom comes from hearts freely and mime movement of natural language, which means wisdom creates form natural heart.

That is always what I thought. So, I want to express free attitude via dynamic pictures rather than static pictures in planar designing. Meantime, I create verses with font characteristics which are not obviously in order to explore visual relationships between picture and typeface.

In terms of a static poster, some misunderstanding pictures could be seen if it is browsed impetuously and rigidly. Try to get peace of mind, then, it is easily to find that Chinese characters on the poster. My creative design thinking and idea which expresses that normal should be our naturalness. Hope that people can treat things around with natural state of mind. That is what we usually call naturalness.
无  穷  般  若  心  自  在
语  默  动  静  体  自  然