Vegan Cafe Conceptual Illustration
Vege Sensation is a small eatery selling chinese and international vegetarian cuisines at affordable prices. It currently caters to largely to health-conscious working class to middle age people. The site is very plain, with standard blank walls and tables, with the existing exterior window design focusing more on healthy eating, using green tree motifs.

As the eatery is located near Bugis, where many young people hang out, there is a potential to transform the eatery into a hip vegetarian joint, where it can be "cool" to be a vegetarian.

I propose to change the name of the shop to "Vege Sense" where it makes sense for people to be vegetarians as young people nowadays want to appear not only cool, but smart. The tone of the illustrations I'm using is more candid, unsensored and humorous. Using a hand-painted, graffiti-like style, characters on the wall are the kind of larger-than-life, seeming to talk directly to viewers.

On one of the main walls, there is an outlandish flowchart which prompts customers on what to eat. Based on their decisions along the chart, they will be led to a page in the menu recommended for them.

On the exterior glass panels, there are some sort of game illustrations, where to objective is to "eat as much veggies as possible to win". It references classic puzzles and video games, with a fun, casual twist.

For the furniture, the tables are in the form of a cartoony carrot character, with the carrot leaves top as a table lamp centerpiece. The back of the chairs contain little FYIs about vegetarianism or health facts of certain vegetables, accompanied by quirky line illustrations.