Wallet + Brand Identity & Product Design

Tools framed in, Wallet +

Wallet + is a futuristic tool card for you who don't want to lose or carry small items easily.
With the most convenient standard, it can satisfy the user's mental needs and conformational form.

There are many small items around us that are easy to lose. 
They cannot be stored effectively because of their different shapes, and carrying accessories for storage is not aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, we have harmonized the specifications through the card-shaped frame and the modeling in which the product is inscribed in the frame, and it is suggested that it can be easily stored in wallet.


The name 'Wallet +' means expanding the scope of use of the wallet, which is an entity containing the elements of society, and at the same time, expanding the scenario through the morphological transformation of the entities that can be included. 

Brand Core Value & Essence 

The core value of Wallet + is to offer convenience and innovation to customers. Wallet+ provides innovative usability and change in a way that is close to everyday products, but not burdensome. In addition, it is positioned as a key penetrating the important logic of modern society through a deep level of harmony.


Brand Design Slogan & Principle

Wallet + is a brand of portable tools, perfected through deep observation and user experience needs. 'Wallet +', a brand based on user innovation, delivers two keywords, 'keep discomfort' and 'frame', and suggests a slogan for a user's convenient experience.​​​​​​​

Wallet+ Product Design

Based on the brand identity of Wallet+, 4 products are in the form of cards. The standard of receipt storage items, comb, shoe spatula, and tray are matched, and the minimal shape provides convenient usability. In addition, it has the same dimensions as a card, so it can be easily stored in a wallet and carried around.

Brand Logo & Symbol

The logo of Wallet + is based on a sans serif font, implying a high-quality and understated brand identity. This metaphor is a way of expressing the means of connecting users' hidden needs with everyday media.​​​​​​​

Brand Typography & Color

Based on the design idea of ​​Wallet+ and social convenience, we propose three typefaces: Ogg, Helvetica, and Nanum Square. This typeface was proposed for an elegant but restrained design direction, and it has the highest synergy with the proposed brand colors from black and beige to white.​​​​​​​

Wallet+ Visual Identity

We expanded the visual identity based on the core value and design direction of the Wallet+ brand. The logo and unnecessary elements are minimized with elegant and delicate but restrained sensibility, and users can feel the delicacy when using or taking out the product.​​​​​​​

                   Thanks for your time. 

               Cheolhee Lee                             Project Directing
                                                                   Product Design
                                                                   Branding / Graphic

               Junseo Oh                                  Product Design
                                                                   3D Modeling
                                                                   3D Rendering

               Yeonhong Kim                            Product Design
                                                                   3D Modeling
                                                                   Package Design

               Subin Kim                                   Product Design
                                                                   3D Modeling
                                                                   Package Design

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Wallet + Brand Identity & Product Design