Detours is the service system for Choose Chicago to turn layover passengers into tourists. It integrates new interactive technologies and tangible printing and products to offer a seamless experience.
Detours moves Chicago closer to O'Hare international airport in traveler's minds. It lowers the barriers for travelers to access the city by giving them opportunities to plan personalized expeditions to Chicago. Part of detours's mission is to assure visitors a timely return to O'Hare for their connecting flight.
scenario presentation to representatives from Choose Chicago, faculty and students of Institute of Design
logo design by Charity Shi
Plug-in in booking sites (UI design by Charity Shi & Karolina Kohler)
Cooperate with flight booking sites (here to include a detours option. It offers travelers chances to have a long layover at Chicago, where they can enjoy a tour in one of the most remarkable cities in United States with low expense.
Flier in the airplane (communication design by Charity Shi)
Cooperate with airline to seed detours experience in to airplane and raise awareness. The flier is designed so that the famous skyline of Chicago is visible when put in the seat pocket.
Telescope installation at airport, through which travelers would be able to see the view of city that responds to movements (prototype by John Lee)
Kiosk installation at O'Hare international airport (prototype by John Lee & Amy Huang)
Travelers could see the view of City of Chicago through telescopes, which is responsive to their movements. Telescopes plays the role as a tease in the detours space in the airport. Kiosks show multiple tours based on the layover time travelers have and the seasons.
Kiosk interface (interaction design by Karolina Kohler, icon design by Leon Hovanesian II)
Wristband as transportation pass (model by Amy Huang)
Travelers would upgrade their CTA passes into detours branded wristbands. Getting passes from detours allows them not to deal with the confusing ticketing system.
Map for the city (communication design by Charity Shi)
Map gives travelers, especially low-tech and international ones an equal chance to visit Chicago. It offers an overview of the tour and tangibility comparing to websites and smartphone apps. The map is designed to fit into each traveler's tour and time range. If the traveler's activities are in the spectrum of the map, they are likely to get back to train on time.
Tech-savvy travelers can also scan the map for further information about the attractions and upload their own images on detours' microsite/app.
idea system (communication design by Karolina Kohler)
now+wow/future state (communication design by Karolina Kohler)
immersion video
prototype testing at O'Hare international airport with assistance from Chicago Department of Aviation
Special thanks to my teammates Leon Hovanesian II, Amy Yuting Huang, Karolina Kohler, John Youngsup Lee, professor Anijo Matthew, interview participants and Choose Chicago.


Detours is the service system for Choose Chicago to turn layover passengers into tourists. It integrates new interactive technologies and tangibl Read More
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