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Sleepy Bear: a fun cute font with Cyrillic & Greek!

I've been learning to read Cyrillic and Greek letters lately, mainly because I've been playing the game GeoGuessr.  (If you haven't played it, I highly recommend!  It plops you down somewhere in the world in Google Street View, and you have to figure out where you are.)  Cyrillic shows up in so many more places than Russia!  You can see it in Bulgaria, Mongolia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, and more.

Because of that, I made sure to include a fun double-uppercase version of those alphabet sets in Sleepy Bear.  They're styled the same way as the Latin characters: all uppercase height, with some lowercase-styled letters thrown in at that same height for a fun look for all ages.

I've also made two weights of Sleepy Bear:  a plump and smooth regular weight, and a lighter weight that's built to stack on top of the regular (though you can use it on its own).  Just type out a word in Sleepy Bear, copy it, and then change the copy to Sleepy Bear Light. You'll get a great outline look in seconds!

All characters are extensively cleaned up, with smooth curves and rounded ends.  Sleepy Bear is great for all print projects, and also cuts out of all materials like a dream.  It's a cute and quirky monoline font family that's great for all of your family's designs.

Each font contains over 850 glyphs, and includes:
- Latin and extended Latin characters to support over 100 languages;
- Cyrillic and Greek double-uppercase alphabet sets;
- 18 fractions;
- Punctuation galore;
- 38 double-letter ligatures for variety (including international pairs like KK and II);
- And a half-dozen alternates for even more variety!

Check out Sleepy Bear at my website, MissyMeyer.com, for all buying options!
Sleepy Bear: a fun cute font with Cyrillic & Greek!

Sleepy Bear: a fun cute font with Cyrillic & Greek!

Sleepy Bear is a fun, cute, and super-smooth font for both print and crafting. It contains over 850 characters in each of two weights, including Read More


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