Experimental animation.
“Water”.The guiding concept was the fragility of water, in which even assuming
a posture of heroin,is very small near the problems that plague.

The playful and naively child aspect of the whole animation, in addition of being
a form of approach and language adopted, was also part of the process of its
creation. Ideas of how the water could be a hero emerged from conversations
with several children during the conception of the script.

The ultimate goal of the animation is to incite questions about how we can help
water at the disadvantage scenario she encounters herself nowadays.

Accomplished collectively between Bruna Ayako Imai, Diego Coutinho de Souza,
Diego Sato and Luiz Gustavo Ferreira Zanotello, with the voices of Ana Clara
and Maria Paula Guimarães Ladeira, and music (free archive) of El Zoológico.
Some sketches: